Tip #6: #JoinTwitter

Last month I talked about not being afraid of failure and challenging yourself to try new ideas.  In an attempt to model this attitude, I admitted to taking the plunge and joining Twitter, something I had been hesitant to do.  My only regret now is that I didn’t join the Twitter community sooner.  I’ve been so surprised by what I’ve learned on this social media network that I’ve decided to make it my next tip. 

Tip # 6:  #JoinTwitter    

Here’s why:

1. Readers love to talk about what they’re reading, and this is happening all the time on Twitter.  You will learn about new and upcoming releases (like what I’m working on now) and you will discover new authors and titles that are creating buzz.  You will find new books to recommend and potentially use in your classroom.  It’s amazing!  Believe me, this alone is reason enough for you to join the Twitter community.  You won’t be disappointed.

2. You will hear about author events and literacy conferences—potentially in your area!  Who wouldn’t want to hear favorite author or panel of authors talk about their work?  It’s all happening on Twitter!

3. You will find motivating, thought-provoking, and enriching blogs posted by terrific writers and educators.     

4. You will discover other teachers and educators who are using the same book in their classroom.  What are they doing with it?  This is a great chance to network and share ideas and projects.  Or maybe even to collaborate!

5. I have been in many classrooms in which there is a school and/or classroom Twitter page, and the students are motivated by it.  They like to see their project work being tweeted.  And they love it when they get retweeted!

There are plenty of other reasons to do it, so stop waiting.  Join the Twitter community.  Start to follow a few of your favorite authors and/or organizations.  Start out by doing some retweeting until you get the hang of things.  And remember Teaching Tip #5: Do not be afraid of failure! 


I’d love to hear from you if you find Mr. Terupt’s tips helpful or if you have additional thoughts or questions.  My Twitter handle is @robbuyea. 

You can also email me at rbuyea@robbuyea.com and visit me at robbuyea.com.  Look for tip #7 to be posted on Monday, January 4th.  

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